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Indulge in Music & Art Classes 
for all ages

With personalized teaching catered to each and every individual, we create an environment for all to learn, explore and enjoy! 


 Founder of Tiano

Cherry Tan 

Tiano Academy, established in November 2017 was build on the love and passion of music and fine arts. Gearing towards a different approach to teaching, we believe in giving every individual a personalized learning experience that is unique to oneself. Following closely with the ABRSM syllabuses, individuals will be able to achieve international certifications. Not to forget, Tiano provides boundless of both local and international opportunities to maximize each individual's potential. 

All classes have been changed to home-based classes till further notice

Home-based Music classes

(Monday to Sunday)


Class schedules

Available music class schedules 

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Holiday Programs / Camps

Tiano Academy welcomes everybody with open arms to join us in exclusives holiday programs and camps for all ages 


Parents Recommend

Elsa M.

I would recommend this music school as a place to learn. As compared to past experience at another music school, this place fared much better. They were organised and neat, and the schedules were all prim and proper unlike the previous school i went which was very unprofessional.

Garry T.

Agreed, is indeed an excellent music school to provide training for all your lovely little kids to excel themselves in both musically and artistically from their music teacher Cherry!

Konnie K.

My 10-year-old daughter went for her first trial classes and now she wants to go for more! To be honest, my daughter usually do not take to strangers easily but Cherry was fantastic! She made my daughter feel so comfortable and at ease that, not only she wants to learn piano with Cherry, but also want to join the art classes there! as well! 

On a separate note, I find the piano lessons very interesting as I used to learn when I was young but gave up because I found them boring! It's practice and play the pieces from muscle memory. Cherry's approach is different as she encourages sight reading which most piano teachers ignored! This, in the long run, will benefit the kids under her tutelage!




Tiano's 1st Birthday!

With a birthday theme of Halloween, the kiddos dressed up and had loads of spooky fun!

Holiday Camp 

Farm Trip x Farm house making


Trip for the music students to Esplanade to watch a musical! 

IMG_5665 2.jpg

Ukulele camp 2020!

Young ones on the drums!

"Let it go" on the piano by Tiffany, 6 years old!

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